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Finnish rising star Lxandra ā€“ who recently performed a stand-out set at this year's The Great Escape ā€“ is back with brand new single 'Swimming Pools', taken from her upcoming EP 'Another Lesson Learned', due later this year. The emotive new track is set to be released in two versions, with a poignant piano version coming first on May 31st. A produced version replete with swelling strings and skittering beats will follow along with the official music video.
"Swimming pools is about being happy with what you have and showing a middle finger to the expectations of society, and a world that runs on money," Lxandra reveals. "It's about remembering who you are and where you come from and always holding onto that. Be grateful for what you have, you have everything you need."
Lxandra ā€“ who considers herself "a storyteller as well as a singer and artist" ā€“ hails from the tiny Finnish fortress island of Suomenlinna but relocated to Berlin a few years ago. Her debut single 'Flicker' was released in early 2017 and was followed by 'Hush Hush Baby', a song originally written as a birthday present for her mother, that became part of Saturn's pre-Christmas campaign. Last year she was asked by Amazon to record a version of 'Pride (In The Name of Love)' by U2 for the third season trailer of 'Man in The High Castle', and she kicked 2019 off with her song 'Too Young to Grow Old' after soundtracking a scene in Marvel's Runaways series in the US.
"The EP is about coming of age and realizing things," Lxandra laughs. "Every song is about a lesson learned." Along with a handful of brand new tracks the collection will also contain empowering previous singles 'Dig Deep', which garnered 1 million streams in the first week of release (now up to over 6 million), and the aforementioned 'Flicker', one of the first songs she ever wrote. It's the perfect introduction to the rapidly ascending young artist, whose unique mix of folk and pop ā€“ not to mention her incredible voice ā€“ marks her out as one of the key artists to watch this year. Stay tuned for more.