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Listening to "Who" you can immediately sense the honesty with which the song was made. Lxandra's raw and uncompromising vocals, and the questions raised in this new release urge the listener to explore the depth written between the lines.
"I often show more of a strong side of myself and with this song I wanted to celebrate vulnerability and how you can find strength in it.", Lxandra remembers.
Lxandra’s new track highlights the important topic of self-love and mental health.
“The answer to 'who you gonna love if you’re not gonna love me?’ is ‘yourself’”, Lxandra explains: „As said a hundred times: You can’t love someone else before you don’t learn to love yourself.”
Her new single “Who”, comes with an imposing visualizer that is yet another peek into the visual world curated by Lxandra, starting with her 2018 release “Dig Deep.”
This time the visual representation of the song “kind of just happened” and was filmed in one take: “At the end of a shoot we decided to just put the chair in the middle of the set. The take was improvised but it turned out perfectly imperfect and is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever been part of. The beauty of simplicity and honesty.”

“Who” is the fourth taste of the record, following recent “Careful What I Dream Of”, “Glide” and “Other People”. The album promises to surpass her lauded EP “Another Lesson Learned”, which saw the likes of Refinery 29, Notion, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit & Clash among others praise the on-the-rise artist.
Lxandra grew up on the small island of Suomenlinna, Finland – attending a music high school in neighboring Helsinki, before making the move to Berlin, Germany. It’s in Berlin where she found an escape from the reality of her own. Launching her career and sharing her eclectic, folk-influenced noir-pop with stirring singles “Hush Hush Baby” and “Dig Deep”, Lxandra has been on an upward trajectory ever since.